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Our Car Detailing Services

Complete vehicle hand wash and interior vacuum. (Hand dried, wipe dash, consoles, and windows)​

Hand wax with High-End Meguiar’s, Zymol, or 3M Wax. Includes the Basic Detail.

Upholstery deep shampooed. [Steam clean extra] Includes Basic Detail.

Full conditioning and cleaning of leather and vinyl. Includes the Basic Detail.

All services combined at a discounted price. High-gloss haze applied after wax, and scotch guard applied to upholstery.

Basic Detail

The basic essentials - the Basic Detail includes an exterior hand wash and dry in addition to an interior vacuuming. The Basic Detail also includes a wipe-down of your vehicle’s dashboard and console plus window cleaning, rim cleaning, and tire shining. 

This service is perfect for car owners looking to keep their vehicle well-maintained and looking good inside and out. Dust becoming a little bit more noticeable on your dash, or did somebody leave a friendly “wash me” on your back window? It might be time to consider scheduling a Basic Detail service. 

Leave the hassle of driving through a carwash and vacuuming your interior behind, and have the professionals at Kevin’s Mobile Detailing come to you!

Basic Detail prices start at $40

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours


Hand Wax

The basic essentials plus a little extra exterior love. Wax doesn’t just make your vehicle’s paint look fresh and new, it also protects the paint from oxidation and contaminants that will eat into the clear coat. It’s recommended to wax your car at least three times per year.

The Hand Wax package starts with a Basic Detail and includes a professional hand wax. This package is ideal for car owners looking to go the extra mile to keep their vehicle exterior in great condition. Don’t know if it’s time for a wax? After the next good rain, check to see if water beads up on the paint. If it doesn’t, then it’s time for a wax!

Can’t make time to go somewhere for a wax? Don’t worry! Schedule an appointment and have the professionals at Kevin’s Mobile Detailing come to you!

Hand wax prices start at $95

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

*Basic Detail Included


Interior Shampoo

The basic essentials plus some extra interior love. Sometimes your vehicle interior can endure more wear and tear than the exterior. Whether you have kids or pets, or just have a tendency to spill food and drink inside your car, chances are your car could benefit from an Interior Shampoo package.

The Interior Shampoo package includes an entire Basic Detail along with a shampoo of all carpets and upholstery inside your car. It might be time to think about a shampoo if your car starts to develop a distinct (likely unpleasant) smell, there are noticeable stains on your carpets, or there’s a significant amount of pet dander.

Skip the time and hassle of having to take your vehicle in somewhere for a shampoo service. Just contact Kevin’s Mobile Detailing, and we’ll come to you! 

Interior Shampoo Prices Start at $95

Duration: 2 hours

*Basic Detail Included


Leather Treatment

Here’s a package just for car owners with leather interiors. Still all the basic essentials plus the specific care your leather car interior needs. Whether you’re keeping up with preventative maintenance or scrambling to reverse years of neglect, our Leather Treatment package has you covered.

The Leather Treatment package still includes the entire Basic Detail in addition to a complete cleaning and conditioning of all vinyl and leather interior. Does the leather in your car feel dry, or is it stained, discolored, or finally starting to crack? It’s time for a leather treatment.

Don’t mess with waiting someplace to have your leather interior treated, contact Kevin’s Mobile Detailing! We’ll come to you and get your interior squared away with a Leather Treatment package!

Leather Treatment Prices Start at $95

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

*Basic Detail Included



The absolute works. Every detailing service your car needs at one low price. The Full Detail package includes the entire Basic Detail plus an exterior hand wax, an interior shampoo of all carpets, and cleaning/conditioning of all leather and vinyl interior. 

The Full Detail is perfect for owners getting ready to sell their cars, or for those who just want to keep their car looking, feeling, and smelling as fresh as the day they drove it off the lot. If you’ve waited a long time between waxes, notice stains in your carpet or leather, develop a distinct odor in your vehicle, or any combination, then it might be time to consider getting a Full Detail.

Don’t let someone gouge you with adding all sorts of services to your car detailing - contact Kevin’s Mobile Detailing! We’ll come to you and take care of every aspect of detailing your car needs at one low price with a Full Detail.

Full Detail Prices Start at $150

Duration: 3 hours


When it comes to having your vehicle detailed, contact Kevin’s Mobile Detailing. We provide the highest quality, most flexible, and most affordable detailing services in Virginia Beach. Contact us to book your next car detailing now!


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