Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean After a Detail

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean After a Detail

There's nothing quite like getting into your car after a fresh detailing! Here at Kevin's Detailing in Virginia Beach, we love the look on our clients’ faces when they drive away in a car that looks like new. However, that enjoyment simply doesn't last as long as you'd like it to. In order to extend the time between auto detailing services, and to enjoy your detailing longer, we're sharing a few pro tips for keeping your car clean. Continue reading to learn more, and if you're looking for a company that provides top-notch mobile car detailing, contact us today!

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How Long Do Auto Detailing Services Last?

This is a common question we get here at Kevin's Detailing, and the answer unfortunately isn't as cut-and-dry as you might hope. The lifespan of auto detailing services depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • How frequently the car is driven

  • The weather conditions where you live

  • If the car is parked in a garage or outside

  • Your personal habits

That being said, on average, auto detailing services will last anywhere from two weeks to a month. If you follow the tips below, you can help extend that time even longer!

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Wash Your Car Yourself

When you do have to wash your car, be careful not to scratch the paint or clear coat. Use a soft sponge or cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubbing too hard. If you're not careful, you can easily damage the finish on your car. You should always wash your car yourself, rather than taking it through a drive-thru car wash, as these can be too harsh on the paint. Washing your car gives you more control and better results. Plus, we believe it's a classic ritual that you can enjoy by yourself or with your kids!

Avoid Driving in Dirty Conditions

This one may seem a bit obvious, but it's worth mentioning! When your car is clean, the last thing you want to do is take it out in dirty conditions and risk getting it dirty again. If you know there's going to be rain, snow, or mud on the ground, try to avoid driving if possible. Of course, this isn't always possible or feasible, but it's something to keep in mind.

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Wipe Your Feet Before Getting In

This is a simple tip, but it can make a big difference! Whenever you get into your car, take a moment to wipe your feet on the mat or floor before getting in. This will help to avoid tracking in dirt, mud, and other debris that can quickly make your car dirty again.

Don't Eat or Drink in the Car

This one may not be popular, but hear us out. If you're going to eat or drink in the car, it's best to do so before you get your car detailed. That way, there's no risk of spills or crumbs getting trapped in the crevices of your car. If you do end up eating or drinking in your newly detailed car, be sure to clean it up right away to avoid any permanent stains.


Utilize Covered Parking Whenever Possible

If you have the option to park your car in a covered or enclosed area, take advantage of it! This will protect your car from the elements and help to keep it clean for longer. It's not always possible to find covered parking, and you may have to pay more than if you parked on the street, but it's important to keep your car protected from the elements!

Invest in a Car Cover

If you don't have access to covered parking, or if you simply want an extra layer of protection for your car, invest in a car cover. A good car cover will keep your car clean and help to protect the paint and finish. Just be sure to clean your car before putting the cover on, as you don't want to trap any dirt or debris underneath.

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Wax Regularly

One of the best ways to protect your car's finish and extend the time between auto detailing services is to wax regularly. Waxing creates a barrier between your car's paint and the elements, and it helps to repel water, dirt, and debris. It's best to wax your car every few months, or as needed. If you'd rather not wax your car yourself, bring it to the professionals at Kevin's Detailing! Our team has the experience you need to ensure the perfect finish.

Clean the Interior Often

It's not just the exterior of your car that needs to be cleaned! The interior can get just as dirty, if not dirtier. Be sure to vacuum and clean the inside of your car often to keep it looking its best. You may even want to consider investing in a separate set of mats for the winter months to protect your car's flooring from the snow and salt.

Use Protective Products

There are a variety of products on the market that can help to protect your car's finish and keep it looking its best. These products can be applied to the paint, glass, and even the interior of your car. Look for products that are specifically designed for auto detailing to get the best results. If you're wondering what products to use or how to use them properly, our team can help! Ask any questions you may have the next time you come in for auto detailing services.

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