4 Tips to Effectively Clean Leather Seats

Taking Care of Your Leather Seats Is an Essential Car Detailing Service

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4 Tips to Effectively Clean Leather Seats

If you want the interior of your car to be in perfect condition, the best thing to do is to have it maintained by car detailing experts who will leave your leather seats as functional and elegant as the first day you drove your car. Read on to discover some tips that will help you keep your leather seats in top condition no matter the age of your car!


Vacuuming Your Car Regularly

The first thing you should do is vacuum your leather seats. Vacuuming will prevent Hair, dirt, and other debris from staying on the leather and ruining its texture. You should use a heavy-duty vacuum to clean leather seats and upholstery thoroughly, making sure to place the vacuum nozzle in the creases and between leather seating surfaces and back surfaces so those hard-to-reach areas stay clean, too!


Cleaning Your Leather Seats

You should use a leather cleaning solution to remove accumulated stains and bacteria without negatively affecting the leather of your seats. Ideally, experts with vast car detailing experience should be the ones performing this cleaning service for your leather seats in order to prevent them from being damaged and to properly extend their life.

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Conditioning Your Seats

Using conditioner on your leather seats helps to keep the leather flexible and shiny. It is done by putting an amount of conditioner on a clean microfiber cloth. Once done, let it rest for an hour before putting any other product or chemical in contact with the leather. It is important to mention that during this wait the car should be in the shade to have a more effective absorption of the conditioner.

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Wipe Clean and Dry

Once you complete the first steps of cleaning, we suggest taking a microfiber cloth, dampened with a cleaning solution, and wiping your seats down. Finally, it’s essential not to saturate the seat surfaces with the cleaning solution because it can create opportunities for mildew to grow, if the solution doesn’t dry quickly enough. Leather seats should never be left wet overnight or allowed to air dry on their own. In many cases, doing so can warp the leather and cause it to crack.

Cleaning leather seats is not always a simple task. It requires a lot of care and attention to detail so that the seat leather remains intact for many years to come, and you can enjoy your seats for much longer. With professional car detailing services at Kevin's Detailing, you get everything you need for your leather car interior in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake.

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