4 Detailing Myths That Are Ruining Your car

4 Detailing Myths That Are Ruining Your Car

Maintaining the appearance of your car is a key part of car ownership, and car detailing is a great way to ensure that it stays looking its best! Unfortunately, there are many car detailing myths that can lead car owners to make poor decisions when it comes to car maintenance.

At Kevin's Detailing in Virginia Beach, we want to help our customers get the best care for their cars, so here’s a look at four car detailing myths you should know about and how you can use mobile car detailing or a detail shop to get the car of your dreams. If you're ready to get started with our mobile detail shop in Virginia Beach, just contact us today!


Myth 1: You Can Wash With Any Kind of Soap

One car detailing myth is that you can use any kind of soap on your car. You should always use car-specific soaps and shampoos when washing to ensure the best results. Any other kind of soap, even dishwashing detergent, may be too harsh for car paint and could damage the finish.


Myth 2: Old Clothes or Towels Are Great for Detailing

When car detailing, the wrong kind of cloth can do more harm than good. Old clothes or towels may contain microfibers or dirt and debris that can scratch car paint when rubbed on its surface. Before you begin car detailing, make sure to use only microfiber cloths or car-specific polishing sponges.


Myth 3: Shiny Means Clean

Just because car paint looks shiny, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the car is clean. Many car owners overlook the importance of car wax and sealant when car detailing. Waxing and sealing your car will help to protect its finish from dirt, debris and harsh weather conditions, keeping it looking beautiful for longer.


Myth 4: Wait to Wash Your Car Until It Looks Dirty

As car owners, we often wait until car paint is visibly dirty before washing our car. However, car detailing should be done regularly to keep car paint looking its best. Even if it doesn’t look like the car needs to be washed, make sure to detail your car at least once a month to keep the paint in peak condition and prevent potential damage. Even if you can't see the buildup and dirt on the car, it's likely there and will only get worse if not taken care of regularly.

Work With Our Virginia Beach Mobile Car Detailing Shop

Car detailing is an important part of car maintenance that car owners need to take seriously. It’s important to know what car detailing myths are out there so that car owners can avoid making costly mistakes.

At Kevin's Detailing in Virginia Beach, we are here for all your car detailing needs and look forward to helping your car look it's very best! Make sure to keep car detailing up-to-date and use our mobile car detailing services.